Time and space resolved observation of spin-charge separation

Post date: Jan 12, 2020

In this collaboration with the experimental group of Immanuel Bloch and Christian Gross (MPQ), spin-charge separation was observed for the first time in time and space domains. The experiments realized a regime at high energies, beyond the Luttinger liquid paradigm. As first predicted by Kollath and co-workers [PRL 95, 176401 (2005)] at zero temperature, clear signatures of spin-charge separation remain visible in this regime. Here we demonstrate clear signatures of spin-charge separation even at elevated temperatures. Our work paves the way for future studies of spin-charge separation in higher dimensions.

Our work has been published in Science:

J. Vijayan*, P. Sompet*, G. Salomon, J. Koepsell, S. Hirthe, A. Bohrdt, F. Grusdt, I. Bloch, C. Gross, Time-Resolved Observation of Spin-Charge Deconfinement in Fermionic Hubbard Chains, Science 367, 6474 (2020).