First images of magnetic polarons

Post date: Aug 21, 2019

Magnetic polarons

In this experiment, the dressing cloud of a magnetic polaron has for the first time been observed with full microscopic resolution in a quantum gas microscope. Local spin correlations next to a mobile dopant feature a negative sign, which can be explained theoretically using an effective string picture. In contrast, a pinned dopant only weakly affects its spin environment anda weak enhancement of spin correlations directly next to it are observed.

The work has been published in Nature:

Joannis Koepsell, Jayadev Vijayan, Pimonpan Sompet, Fabian Grusdt, Timon A. Hilker, Eugene Demler, Guillaume Salomon, Immanuel Bloch and Christian Gross. “Imaging magnetic polarons in the doped Fermi-Hubbard model.Nature 572, pp. 358 - 362.